Real Free Range Eggs

The pleasure of tasting a fresh egg laid by a hen that really knows how to graze and scavenge is experienced by very few people, unless they keep their own hens or are supplied by someone who does.

The vast majority of hens that are kept in big “free range” units never go outside and when they do they will be running on ground that is completely devoid of any vegetation. Technically they are “free range” because they have access to the requisite amount of ground, but in reality most of the birds prefer to stay indoors.

Grass and all the insects that abound in it are a vital nutrition source, and encourage birds to take excercise preventing them from being fat and lazy and as a result unproductive.

The breeds that I keep here are all ideally suited to “free range” conditions. A significant amount of their diet is made up of grass giving the eggs a smoother richer taste.

Most of the eggs are sent out for hatching, but it is good to see that more and more people want that experience of tasting a “Real Free Range Egg”. The number of people over the years who have said to me that they never realized that a boiled egg or a poached egg could be so delicious is not surprising when you consider that most households have always bought their eggs from a supermarket.

Look through our list of purebreeds, and for anyone wanting to have their own hens there is sure to be a breed to suit your particular situation, and judging by the demand for pullets there is an ever growing number of people wanting to produce their own "Real Free Range Eggs".

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