Hatching Eggs

Your  hatching eggs are collected as soon as your payment is cleared. They will be carefully selected, using the same rules on shape and colour that I would use if they were going into my incubator. They are packed in special polystyrene boxes and can be sent either first class post or special delivery with a guarantee of delivery by 1 o'clock next day.  Postage and packing for a dozen eggs sent next day delivery is £12.95.  My eggs have a reputation for high fertility rates, but in the event of a customer having poor results, I would ask you to contact me.   

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Cuckoo Maran Hatching Eggs
The Marans originated in western France at the beginning of the last century. They are named afte..
Indian Runner Duck Hatching Eggs
Norfolk Grey Hatching Eggs
The Norfolk Grey has had a very chequered career since it’s creation by Fred Myhill near Norwich ..
Wheaten Maran Hatching Eggs
The Wheaten Maran from a distance looks very much like your average brown hybrid hen, but looks c..
Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs
The Cream Legbar was amongst several breeds researched in the 1920's at Cambridge University by P..
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